Woman Says Her Baby Daddy Kicked Her Out For Rating His Dirty Bathroom On TikTok


According to a recent viral TikTok, a woman who posted as part of the online trend of rating bathrooms on TikTok was kicked out of her baby daddy’s house over the “review” she posted.

The video in which Shenella Radonich (@bannedd.shenellaradonich) rates her man’s bathroom has over 721.5k views, and shows the messy state of the bathroom with a number of toothbrushes, hair clippings, no soap to be seen, and a filthy toilet.

“I don’t even know what to think, but what the f-ck,” she says in the video.

Radonich never gave an actual rating to the bathroom, but said it was up to others to decide how to rate it.

In a follow-up video posted the same day that has reached over 2.5 million views, Radonich informed followers that she had been kicked out by her baby daddy for the “review” video she posted.

“So I just did this trend, but I was going to clean it, and they took it the wrong way,” she says. “We literally just got in an accident. Drove here from California, and they literally just kicked me and my kids out.”

Radonich is seen crying in the video and shows her child sleeping in the back seat of the car.

“I will never forgive my baby daddy or his family for this. Kicked us out over a TikTok,” the text overlay reads.

Some commenters said that the baby daddy was in the right for kicking her out after she “humiliated” him on the TikTok she posted, while others said it wasn’t right of him to do.

One commenter said, “Look at the trend she did! It’s not even her place to be doing that no matter how ‘untidy’ the bathroom is.”

“Crazy that disrespecting not only him, but his whole family and the home they live in on social media didn’t turn out positive,” another added.

A third replied, “It ain’t about being ‘dirty,’ it’s about videoing their private space and putting it out for the world to see.”

“They are embarrassed and they should be,” one person wrote. “She’s not in the wrong. She was going to clean it too which isn’t her job!”

Yet another wrote, “Y’all think his response was justified? If it was clean it woulda been fine he’s embarrassed. She didn’t disrespect him.”