Khloé Kardashian Is Getting Slammed For Her ‘Love Thy Racist Neighbor’ T-Shirt

Ever since Khloé Kardashian split from boyfriend Tristan Thompson amid rumors he’d cheated on her with her sister’s best friend Jordyn Woods, the Good American founder has been posting motivational quotes, images, and memes pertaining to the situation to her Instagram stories.

While most have been fairly general and innocuous—the sort of stuff 14-year-old me would’ve copy/pasted into an AOL away message to hint to my friends of my inner turmoil—her latest post quickly became the subject of contention and vitriol.

Khloé over the weekend posted a photo of a slogan T-shirt that was meant to come across as a message of acceptance, but which instead infuriated hundreds of fans and haters alike.

The T-shirt had the words “Love Thy Neighbor” printed on it, followed by a list of other identities (“Love Thy Muslim Neighbor, Love Thy Black Neighbor, Love Thy Gay Neighbor”), one of which included “Love Thy Racist Neighbor.”

“Love is the only cure,” Khloé captioned the Instagram Story post.

One of these, people noticed, was not like the other.

Screenshots of the post quickly began to make the rounds on Twitter, where one user sent it viral and racked up nearly 30,000 likes with an all-caps condemnation.

People felt as though the post was in especially bad taste considering how often the Kardashian-Jenner family has been accused of appropriating black culture.

As Yomi Adegoke pointed out in a post for The Guardian, Kardashian suggests that the term “racist” is neutral and misunderstood and that “much like being gay or black, it is something you are born with that the world unfairly vilifies.”

“In Kardashian’s mind,” adds Adegoke, “a racist’s struggle is comparable to that of a homeless person or an addict.”

Fans were especially appalled over Khloé’s subscription to the idea that racism isn’t a choice because she is the mother of a black daughter.


There were those who also quickly came to Khloé’s defense, arguing that she was simply spreading a message of love and acceptance.

h/t Cosmopolitan