18 Funny Keto Diet Memes To Feast On Instead Of Feasting On Carbs

keto diet

Everyone has that one friend who’s on the keto diet. And you know this friend is on the keto diet because they constantly remind you that they’re on the keto diet.

If you’re wondering exactly what the diet is, you essentially cut out carbs (like bread and pasta) and focus on foods that are high in fat.

In short, bread equals bad and meats are good.

As if your friends haven’t been telling you what an amazing lifestyle change it is, here are keto diet memes to feast on.

(Don’t worry, they’re carb-free.)

1. The most essential oil of all


2. Pretend we’re not home


3. Roll away


4. Ketones unicorn (great potential band name)


5. Good point


6. Keto Rogen


7. DON’T eat him


8. You’re on to something


9. Carbs is life

keto diet


10. Notice the common theme?


11. Now try it with peanut butter

keto diet


12. Make every bite worth it


13. Boozefast


14. Can’t spell “meat” without “me”

keto diet


15. Hold tight nan

keto diet


16. Enlightenment


17. Load up the truck

keto diet


18. The perfect cake doesn’t exis–

keto diet