Keira Knightley Playing ‘Despacito’ With Her Teeth On Jimmy Fallon Deserves A Grammy

Keira Knightley stopped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday to chat with Jimmy Fallon while promoting her new movie, The Aftermath. While she was there she revealed that she has a certain special talent—something along the lines of a Stupid Human Trick. It turns out that she can play her teeth like a musical instrument.

Whaaaa? Okay, yes, it sounds weird, but she demonstrated, and she is not kidding around. It sounds GREAT! She asked Fallon to pick a song, and he went with the ever-popular “Despacito.”

Fallon was so impressed he gave her a quick standingovation because that is some skill!

How is she doing that? How did she figure it out? Can she do any Beyoncé songs? Does she do weddings? Will she share her secrets? That all remains to be seen.

People on Twitter were bowled over by her admittedly strange talent.

Wait, do you think that’s bad for her teeth? We can’t tell!!

She’s definitely hired. Book Keira Knightley and her Amazing Musical Teeth for your next family function.

h/t: Cosmopolitan