People Are Sharing Subtle Job Interview Red Flags That Indicate The Workplace Sucks

11. When they don’t even bother to show up for the interview…

“I once showed up for an interview and the manager wasn’t there that day. No one called me to let me know. The assistant manager was not apologetic for the scheduling issue at all. She was literally just like ‘oh, she’s not here today’ in a tone that suggested I should somehow already know that. She said they would call me to reschedule some time the next week. I told her I was currently unavailable M-W but could come in any time Th-F. She said if I couldn’t make time for the interview, I probably wouldn’t be a good fit. I said okay, and went on to my other interviews and ending up working elsewhere. You’d think that would be the end of it, but both the manager and the assistant manager badmouthed me to a few other people in the industry, including one of my friends. Hello? I made time for an interview. You disrespected me by not calling me to let me know it was canceled. I gave you the times I was available to reschedule, and that was disrespectful somehow?” — 53raptor

12.  Please pimp our company for us, for free, and pay us for it, thanks!

“You are required to wear clothing that has the company logo. You must purchase it yourself. From the company.” — accidentpronehiker

13. The cartoons hanging on the walls may have a hidden meaning…

“At my last place of work, the person interviewing me had a printed cartoon on their wall of someone who looked like a bomb had blown up in their face, with the caption ‘I spoke with “boss’ name” about it…I guess we’re still doing it.’ That wasn’t subtle at all, but I ignored it. The boss was an absolute tyrant who wouldn’t listen to her staff, consider changing her mind about anything, or let people do the work they were best suited to do. She wouldn’t show up for weeks at a time. The job itself was decent, but she was the worst boss I’ve ever had.” — Posaunne

14. “Oh, I didn’t think you’d show!”

“If they seem too relieved that someone actually showed up for the interview.” — Toadwave_

15. The city you work in is not technically part of the job.

“When you ask, ‘what do you like about working here’ and the interviewer talks about the location of the job (‘it’s a great place to live!’) instead of the actual job.” — beard_lover


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