‘Jersey Shore’ Dropped A Season 2 Super Tease And Sh*t Is About To Hit The Fan

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As any loyal Jersey Shore fan knows, the second season of the Jersey Shore: Family Reunion is set to drop this Thursday, August 23rd on MTV. While we already got a small taste of the gang this year when they premiered the first season–we were blessed by the MTV Gods for the second season only months later.
And, while things were pretty heated last season–with Angelina coming back, Ronnie messing everything up, and Mike getting engaged–this season looks 10x crazier. The gang takes on Las Vegas and the drama is about to go down.

Angelina gets invited by Snooki after the two hashed out their differences, and JWoww is not about it. It seems as though she still has some unresolved issues with the Staten Island Dump. Additionally, she and Snooki end up in a fight over the drama. Things come to a head when Ronnie gets into a huge brawl with his girlfriend and baby-momma in Vegas and it looks bad. (For those who missed that Ron/Sam drama, don’t worry, it’s just now Ron/Jen drama).

On top of it, the gang is going back to the OG stomping grounds in New Jersey, when they reunite at the original Jersey Shore house.

People on Twitter have been counting down the hours until it comes back on–excited to see what comes next.


Jersey Shore: Family Reunion Season 2 will premiere on MTV on Thursday, August 23rd.