People Who Were Born To Do Their Jobs

It's a theory known as "Nominative Determinism" and it states that a person's name can have a significant role in dertemining what job they will ultimately have. I'm not sure if I totally buy this theory but based on the evidence below, I guess it couldn't hurt to name my first kid "Bacon Billionaire."

Dr. Docktor
doctor docktor
Robin Mahfood (President: Food For The Poor)
ironic names
Professor John Bukkake (Facial Dermatologist)
nominative determinism names
Thomas Crapper (Plumber)
nominative determinism funny
Doctor Stephen C. Wang (Urologist)
ironic urologist name
James Dean A.K.A. "Dean Dean" (Dean Of UNC)
ironic dean name
Laura Hamm (Deli Manager)
irony funny names
Jonathon Law (Lawyer)
ironic lawyer names
Manley Power (Lieutenant Colonel)
Nominative Determinism Pictures
Storm Field (Weatherman/Meteorologist)
ironic weatherman name
Jackie Daniels (Director Of Intervention Services)
ironic name pictures
Richard "Dick" Holder (Pastor)
ironic pastor name
Law Power (Police Officer)
ironic police officer name
Gard Wood (Fine Woodwork)
best ironic names
Dr. Allen Korn (Podiatrist)
ironic doctor name
Jaime Cardinal Sin (Pastor)
funny pastor name
Scott Speed (Race Car Driver)
ironic athlete names
Dr. Brain (Neurologist)
ironic doctor names
Richard "Richie" Rich (Business Professor)
ironic business name
Mike Riggs (Rigger)
most ironic name ever
Dr. Popwell (Chiropractor)
ironic chiropractor name

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