“Introvert Nation” Has Some Of The Most Relatable Introvert Memes On The Internet (20 Memes)

Obviously the pandemic was awful for many, many reasons, but my social relief felt when I couldn’t go anywhere was NOT one of them. Join me, fellow introverts, on a journey through Meme-town where we will all feel terrifically seen.

1. Do nothing

theintrovertnation / Instagram

2. Do not approach

theintrovertnation / Instagram

3. Enya

theintrovertnation / Instagram

4. So many hours, no words

@_igwilo / Twitter

5. Stay inside!

@prinxsass / Twitter

6. Shhhh.

@boii_mccoy / Twitter

7. Yes. Yes indeed.

@asjraffrahman3 / Twitter

8. We’re figuring you out

@master_nobody / Twitter

9. Jane!

@kateheywood8 / Twitter

10. We felt it

@mariebabyyyyy_ / Twitter

11. Uncle

12. Just leave us be

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13. No capacity

14. Oops

15. Fancy

16. Can I have this?

17. GLOM

18. Nope, thanks.

19. Just me and a cake

20. Why answer?