Happy International Left-Hander’s Day! Here’s How To Get An Oreo Box Made Specially For Lefties:

Lefties have it rough.

Our entire lives we are punished in small ways the right-handed majority of the world has no reason to ever contemplate; right-handed scissors. Right-handed desks. Right-handed kitchen appliances. Perpetual pen and ink smears and stains.

It was even worse back in the day. According to TIME, in the Middle Ages, “the left-hander lived in danger of being accused of practicing witchcraft” because “The Devil himself was considered a southpaw.” Lovely!

Luckily, Oreo is coming through to honor that which we already know: Left-handers are angels, not devils!!! So, in honor of International Left Hander’s Day, the iconic cookie company is releasing its first-ever Left-Handed pack of OREO cookies (WE ARE TRULY LIVING IN ENLIGHTENED TIMES!)

You heard it here first. Starting on Monday August 13, which is International Left Hander’s Day, Oreo shippers will have the chance to sign up to be among the first ever to receive a limited-edition Left-Handed Oreo packs.

Is this just a clever marketing gimmick? Yes. But it’s also practical, because rather than opening on the left side of the pack, the flap allowing access to the classic black-and-white cookie opens on the right — meaning lefties can get in and out in previously unheard of cookie-grabbing speeds!

Sign up for a chance to snag an exclusive pack of Oreos, or sign your leftie friends up by heading over to this site. Store ’em next to your left-handed can opener and screwdriver.

Fun fact: In 2004, Kraft did a study to find out what the way we eat our Oreos can tell us about our personalities. As it turns out, people who dunk their Oreos (87% of whom use milk, don’t want to know what the remaining 13% use) are more “energetic, adventurous, and extremely social.”

Whereas those who twisted their Oreos were more “emotional, artistic, and trendy.” Then there were the biters, who researchers found to be the most “easy-going, self confident, and optimistic.”