30 Interesting Things People Found Inside Other Things

Two for the price of one!

Appearances can be deceiving. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. But what about when what’s inside is…really weird?

We didn’t realize this was a category until now but apparently, there’s a whole genre of photographs of people discovering strange and unexpected things inside of other things. Some of these examples can be explained by human sneakiness while others are simply cases of Mother Nature letting her freak flag fly. They’re courtesy of folks on Reddit who love to see how things tick.

We took a look inside of people taking a look inside things…and here’s what we found.

1. This bowling ball full of…balls

2. This orange within an orange

3. This golf ball inside a damn tree

4. This monk who meditated so deeply that some pranksters mummified him and cast him in bronze

5. This pawn inside a queen that has the makings of a royal scandal

6. This anatomically correct (well sorta) squeaky toy heart

7. This tiny crab inside a mussel because seafood is seafood

8. This guy who could’ve been double-stuffing his cigarette lighter USB port all this time


10. This can that would really hurt to smash into your forehead

11. This rock inside another rock

12. This impatient apple that was already growing a new tree

13. This mini orange prize inside a regular orange

14. This tree within a tree

15. These period (-ic table) pants

16. This secret condom pocket for sneaky f*ckers

17. This book inside a book in case you get bored of the first book

18. This phone case that proves China is recycling

19. Seriously…way to go China!

20. This two-bullet record of a memorable duel

21. This handy die that gives two results per roll, though only one is visible

22. Yes that’s a pig playing the guitar inside two frogs why do you ask?

23. How you feel on the outside vs. How you feel on the inside

24. What’s pooler than pool?

25. There’s an off-brand Russian product inside all of us

26. Lame plush pig contains BUFF PIG

27. Every 100th line-caught fish comes with a free crawdaddy

28. This family photo was found under some guy’s knife handle and it now he must avenge them

29. A welo opal provides this ammonite fossil with some bling

30. Eggception