Influencer Thinks She Catches A Porch Thief After Spotting Woman Wearing ‘Unreleased Outfit’


Porch thieves have been on the rise where I live and, honestly, they’re infuriating, so while I normally have nothing but revulsion for “influencers,” I admit that even I feel some sympathy for Desiree Alexis-Kae Mize (@wokeuplikedez).

She recently says she spotted a woman in her neighborhood wearing a workout outfit that was hitherto “unreleased” not long after Mize had a package stolen off her porch.

@wokeuplikedez / TikTok

Mize haș over 660,000 followers and recently posted a TikTok of a woman in a purple sports bra and biker shorts, which Mize believes was inside a stolen package from BuffBunny, a fitness apparel brand.

Mize claims the set is “unreleased”, which means the woman should not have been able to get it.

@wokeuplikedez / TikTok

(But she couldn’t possibly also be an influencer, I guess, because we all know how rare influencers are…)

Mize also posted another video of the woman in the purple set. Mize says the woman “covered up” the BuffBunny logo when she spotted Mize looking at her.

@wokeuplikedez / TikTok

In other TikToks, Mize says she’s had several packages go missing en route and suspects that this woman is taking her packages.

The video quickly went viral and people commented helpful ways to catch the thief.

“Get a ring camera,” @annalacett suggested. “If it’s been 4 weeks you should have already gotten a ring camera.”

Right? Wouldn’t you do this the second time you had a package go missing?

“Leave a baited package with an apple air tag in it to find who takes it,” @tameikajadeee offered.

However, other people believed that this was a cleverly disguised ad on TikTok and weren’t so sure they believed Mize.


Replying to @queenlisaaaxo OH YOU KNOW I HAD TO TAKE THIS DOWNSTAIRS👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 it was the DIRECT eye contact & covering the logo for me 😤 #BuffbunnyBandit #buffbunnycollection #buffbunny #wwyd #storytime #storytimewithdez #busted

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“I just feel like this is a pr stunt,” @akakakananajakkakak wrote.

“I have a creeping suspicion that this is just a VERY clever ad for the brand. I’m not for sure, but it’s brilliant marketing if it is,” @wtgrlrach94 commented.