17 Employees Share The Weirdest And Wildest Ways They Got In Trouble At Work

A recent viral thread on Twitter really tickled my funny bone and I think it will hit yours too — these are the absolute craziest stories from people who got in trouble at work.

I was always a rules-kid myself and that really carried over into the workplace; I don’t like doing anything that will get me yelled at or “in trouble” so I always kind of watch people who DO have that laissez-faire attitude with some amount of fascination. SO WILD! SO DARING!

Let’s check out some of the craziest things people shared with tuckwoodstock when they asked, “Sorry to do prompt Twitter, but what’s the wildest reason you’ve ever gotten in trouble at work?” 

1. Snapchat

@Andy_y_k_1988 / Twitter

2. Eat together

@ninaksimon / Twitter

3. Sitting

@osahale / Twitter

4. Bigger phone

@hyggepunk / Twitter

5. Steal some apples

@equinox_eve / Twitter

6. Bomb scare

@rach_a_rama / Twitter

7. Brain surgery

@sunnyday1982 / Twitter

8. Fired for “stealing”

@cordlessnick / Twitter

9. She had a stroke!

@megsbgood / Twitter

10. Stop work

@ydnaandrew / Twitter

11. Breathing

12. Nazi stealing

13. No power

14. Sexual harassment

15. Not even my job

16. Accused of stealing

17. Lying

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Kate Hackett

Kate is a freelance writer, actor, author and columnist living in Los Angeles.