20 Songs From Your Childhood That Utterly Destroyed You, But, Like, In A Good Way

Your preteen years are an emotional time, and way back before Twitter and Facebook and Snapchat there weren’t quite so many ways to air all that emotion out. It was pretty much yelling at your parents, whispering to your friends late at night when they slept over, and listening to devastatingly sad popular music.

Not all popular music is devastatingly sad though – sometimes it’s also raunchy as f*ck. Those are pretty much the two poles though, and either way you can’t get by without a few scars.

But we’re all just fine these days, right?

20. Smack That

19. S&M

18. Disco Stick

17. Fergalicious

16. The Only Exception

15. Need You Now

14. Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

13. Pieces Of Me

12. Helena

11. Breakaway