30 Horrible Bosses Who Got Publicly Shamed Online (And Deserved It)

Working for anyone means having to check your ego and pull your weight but there are reasonable bosses and unreasonable bosses…and then there are straight-up horrible bosses.

Bad bosses come in many forms: there are egomaniac bosses and sadist bosses, tyrannical bosses and petty bosses and we’ve all dealt with at least one.

Life doesn’t have to be this hard but these unbalanced individuals insist on ensuring that it is.

While the best revenge is quitting promptly and living well the next best thing is anonymously shaming your nightmare boss on the internet so here are a few examples of these copy room cretins getting called out for their antics.

1. “My boss thought it would be a good idea to play drag racing. on his iPad. while driving a truck. on the highway.”

2. “The temperature my boss keeps the office at.”

3. “My boss ordered a box of 6000 pepper packets instead of a shaker, so now I get to spend my Saturday cutting open packets for our burger seasoning.”

4. “Boss lost his cool at work and kicked a hole in the door. We covered it up.”

5. “My Christmas gift from my boss. Fortune 500 company. No Christmas bonus, post-it notes, 2 pieces of chocolate, pen, jeans one day.”

6. “If you park like this…you are my boss, so I can’t say anything.”

7. “Boss didn’t like the color of the chairs in the break room. So now we just don’t have chairs.”

8. “My boss is physically incapable of pointing without touching”

9. “Boss, we need new tools”, “You just got new tools”

10. “Quarantine or not this is what\how my boss eats…”

11. “Our boss doesn’t let us take any home!”

12. This is how my boss decided to organize our color chips

13. One of a seemingly endless series of unreasonable notes left by my boss. It’s great here.

14. “So My Boss Calls Me To A Meeting On My Day Off, Then Asks Me to Arrange The Meeting Room”

15. “The way my boss cut this cake. Not gonna lie the pieces were even af though.”

16. “This structural pole my boss refuses to fix”

17. This vacation tyrant

18. “So I bring a pecan pie to work. By noon it was missing. Found it a few hours later in my boss’s office.”

20. This creeper.

21. “My boss’s texting style”

22. “My boss left this in the bathroom for me”

23. “My coworker went all Wet Seal on our boss today.”

24. “So my boss likes to make soap…”

25. “Quit my job yesterday because I was tired of the unprofessional environment – got this text from my supervisor today.”

27. “Came to work to find that my boss threw away everyone’s desks and replaced them with dressers, a sheet of glass, and saddle chairs.”

28. “Leave work for one day and my boss replaced the large monitor that I use to make prototype models and engravings on products with this tiny one.”

29. “My boss gave this to me and told me he was thinking of me…(I’m pretty sure its human skin)”

30. “When your good service rewards only your boss”

31. “The way my boss asked me to order her more pens like this one. I’m sure she’s just bluffing…….”

32. “My boss put grape Koolaid in all the water coolers.”

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