A Gallery Of Awesome Video Game Food Art

And one day I will meet a cute brunette who wears glasses that loves doing nothing but playing Call of Duty and eating spaghetti all day long, this much I promise you. Happy National Video Game Day 2017!

1UP Mushroom Burger
1up mushroom burger

Tuskarr Of The Northend Cake (World of Warcraft)
Tuskarr of the northend cake
Ms. Pac-Man Pizza
ms pac man pizza
Skyrim Bacon Helmet
skyrim bacon helmet
Goomba Cookie
goomba cookie
Minecraft Healing Cake
minecraft healing cake
Tetris Waffles
tetris waffles
Toad Pizza (Super Mario)
nintendo mushroom pizza
Master Chief Cake (Halo)
halo master chief cake
frogger food art
Bowser Cake (Super Mario)
bowser cake
Pac-Man Pancakes
pac man pancakes
Xbox Sushi
xbox sushi
Wii Controller Cakes
nintendo wii controller cakes
Pac-Man Pizza
pac man pizza
Super Mario Cupacakes
super mario cupcakes
Zelda Cake
zelda cake
Super Mario Coffee
super mario cappucino
Tasty Angry Birds
angry birds food art
Giant Super Mario Cookie
 super mario cookie