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20 People Spill The Tea On What They Hate About Their Partner, But Can’t Tell Them

You know how you love someone, like really love them, but they do things that drive you absolutely up a wall? You’d probably go ahead and let them know, right?

Not necessarily…

Today we have a question from u/Familiar_Stranger936 over on Reddit that hits on just this. They asked:

“What do you hate about your partner, but can’t tell them?”

And the answers are simultaneously sweet and a little painful. You’ll see what I mean; I rounded up some of the best answers for your perusal.

1. Stop singing

My wife took singing lessons as a kid. She is certain that she has a great singing voice. She does not. It’s so hard to be in the same house when she’s singing but I love her dearly and would never ask her to stop.


2. Take the critique

He’s really really bad at taking criticism. Really bad. And I can’t tell him this because feedback loop etc.


3. Hamburger.

The way she pronounces the word “hamburger” makes me die inside.

“ham BIRD gr”


4. Eating noises

That she sounds like a horse when she eats a bowl of cereal.


5. Too slow

She’s one of those people that walks too slow in the grocery store and stands there looking at shit forever trying to decide what to get not aware that 2 other people right behind her trying to grab what she’s in front of and go


6. Snoring

His snoring. It’s not something he can necessarily control but he snores SO loud that it disrupts my sleep.



How indecisive she can be. We’ve talked and she’s doing better. But it is extremely exhausting to plan nearly every single date/event/thing we do.


8. This one’s sad

I feel loved but not wanted


9. Two things

She has a hard time cleaning up after herself.

I work full time during the week, she works weekends. The house is a mess during the week and spotless during the weekend. Monday night, I come home and it’s a mess again. Oof, lady. Get it together.

And the way she drinks. Gulps everything like she out of air and the only way to get more is to suck it off the bottom of whatever vessel she’s drinking out of. Food noises kill me and she knows it but the gulping is unconscious so I try not to let it bother me.

Love her more than everything. She’s my best friend in all ways. But those are the two.


10. Totally different

We’re completely different regarding physical affection.


11. This is not small

That they expect an apology for every hurt feeling, but almost never take accountability or apologize for their own actions when they hurt other people.


12. Every. Night.

I wake up teetering on the edge of the bed, every fucking night. We have a king size bed and she is petite, I tell her but it doesn’t matter. Every. Fucking. Night.


13. Irritation

How low her patience is & how fast she can get irritated, and i know how she is & I know she doesn’t mean it 99% of the time, but sometimes it has me overthinking and I feel like she just hates me


14. Too detailed

Her family is too detail oriented about insignificant stuff. Like, I’ll have to explain what aisle I went down in the grocery store before I can keep explaining what happened to me while shopping. Or her parents go into excruciating detail about what they ordered for lunch at Wendy’s. For fuck sake I love her and her family to death but god I couldn’t care less about half the conversations they have.

It sounds bad and shallow, but conversation with her extended family is even worse. I usually stick with “not much, what’s new with you?” “Oh wow that’s interesting” and walk away.


15. Kissing

He’s a bad kisser. I tried hard to communicate and help in the beginning of the relationship, but nothing worked or stuck. It’s been a lot of years. I gave up.


16. Jesus, I’d bail

That when a responsibility becomes too hard, he just doesn’t do it and allows things to fester and become worse. Our storage that was lost, a tooth abscess that caused him intense pain I’m forcing him to deal with, and him not paying the registration on our car and it almost getting repossessed. I have no clue why he does this and I feel like I have to be his mother sometimes just to get him to be a responsible adult.


17. Sneezes

His sneezing. He is allergic and can’t help it. But he scream-sneezes every day, usually several times in a row, and I HATE loud sudden noises.


18. Doesn’t make out

I don’t necessarily hate this about him, but he doesn’t like to just kiss/make out. He will do it before sexy times, but not for very long. I love showing affection and intimacy by just making out sometimes and not having it lead to anything.

He had some trauma with it, so I can’t blame him at all. I just really wanna make out with him more!


19. Slob

She’s a slob. Pile dishes on. Cloths go on the floor. Cups left everywhere. You wouldn’t think it if you were company.


20. Time Management

I had an ex that would get mad at me when I drove her to class and I wasn’t driving fast enough because she was already late because she couldn’t manage her time correctly.