$12 Bacon And 19 Other Grocery Items People Are Avoiding Because Of Inflation

I’m sure we’ve all heard that inflation is, mercifully, slowing down a little bit, but that has not really extended to the grocery store. CNN reported that prices are up 11.4% over last year, so it’s only natural to skip a few things.

u/dudreddit recently wondered on the Frugal subreddit which foods people are skipping thanks to inflation. Here’s what people said:

1. Avocados

Avocados, they went from $4.99 to $9.99 at Costco.


2. Exotic fruits and vegetables

Not conciously, but in a general kind of way I’ve mostly stopped buying things like avocados and mangos and other more “exotic” fruits. But it’s not just because of the cost itself but due to the cost and the risk of it not being good enough to eat (e.g. it’s too hard, too hard, and then overripe – or, in the case of avocados, too hard and mostly rotten inside at the same time).


3. Hummus

I make my own hummus. It is way cheaper and you can make it to your liking. Wow 11 bucks for a melon? They are steep here at 7. Really haven’t given up much since I was already frugal. Some dietary changes per doc even makes those more expensive items off the potential treat list.

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4. Wings

Wings! They used be $8-$9 for a family pack and now they are $16+


5. Pizza

Frozen pizzas have gotten out of hand. It’s cheaper to just get Domino’s or Little Caesar’s if I ever want shitty pizza.


6. Chobani yogurt

I love them. But they cut the size in half and made it over 150% the cost. So it’s more like 2-3 times as expensive for the amount. I hate it.


7. Sodas

Carbonated beverages. I used to always have Fresca in the house. Now, rarely.


8. Beef

Beef. It’s crazy expensive. I get tired of chicken and pork sometimes


9. Chips

Potato chips – I buy the higher priced chips as they don’t upset my stomach (the joys of getting older) and a bag use to cost around $3.50 and now its gone up to $5.95


10. Bacon

I don’t regularly buy bacon, but i bought some for my mother’s birthday to make her brunch. Bacon for 3 (2-3 strips each)was over $12 :/


11. Fowl

i stopped buying chicken for a few months.. the price is coming down but not by much.. i’ve cut back on eggs too, which sucks bc we use a lot of them!!!


12. Kerrygold

Irish butter. Man, that stuff is so good. But $7 for two sticks of butter is steep. Yesterday it was on sale 3.99, which was cheaper than other butter that size. We have a tiny fridge (talking camper size), so we don’t buy bulk of much cold stuff because we can’t hold it.


13. Energy drinks

Sugary drinks/energy drinks – these have gone up heaps and I’ve cut about 95% out which sucks as these were my vice/bad habit but my health, waist line and wallet thank me


14. Beef jerky

I am pretty obsessed with teriyaki jerky but I will be damned if I’m buying it anymore bc the prices are insane here lol.


15. All meat

I’ve always had the want to be a vegetarian but never got started because I have a husband who eats meat. Then he got deployed and prices became high. I just can’t justify meat anymore in my grocery budget.


16. Burritos

Breakfast burritos. I used to get a pack of 12 for about $8, they’re now right around $15 for the same pack, and the flavor changed too. Now I make a batch of egg muffins on Sundays and have breakfast all week for maybe $2.


17. Vegetables

The price has gone up a little but the quality has gone WAY down on a lot of produce around me. Even simple stuff like lettuce looks and tastes terrible now so I won’t waste my money. Fresh vegetables just aren’t staying as stable as they used to.


18. Deli meat

A big one for me is deli meat. I’ve been buying whole chicken, roast it, eat all the dark meat, freeze the breast, then slice it thin when it’s about half thawed. It passed a huge test recently: We had my girlfriend’s 6yo niece over and she only eats plain turkey sandwiches. I made her one w/my homemade deli meat and her body did not reject it, nor did she complain at all. Big win.


19. Beer

Not food but buying less Nice local craft beer… It sucks because id rather support them than large brewers but damn if it aint super expensive.


20. Sparkling Water

The store brand flavored sparkling water used to be dead cheap years ago but now it is so damn expensive. I only buy it every couple months as a treat now, or for parties.