Girlfriend’s Hilarious Twitter Thread Proves That All Boyfriends Lie When They Claim They’ll ‘Save You From Spiders’

In heterosexual relationships, the beginning is always filled with a guy saying that they’ll keep you safe, warm, hold you during scary movies, and protect you from spiders and other huge insects. While it sounds really sweet and endearing, not all guys follow through on that promise.

In fact, most don’t. Sure, at the beginning of the relationship, guys want to seem macho and protective of you–convince you that they’ll be there to save you. But, when the time comes, they are nowhere to be found. Just ask Leni, who had to live through the experience firsthand.

In a hilarious Twitter thread, Leni described how she was minding her own business in the shower when she realized there was a huge spider in there with her.

She called her boyfriend to help her out in this traumatic situation. But, he was nowhere to be found.

She called him 11 times–and even tried to FaceTime him–but, no response. Eventually, during this time, the spider made its way all the way to the door, leaving her trapped in her own bathroom.

Seeing as it was 2:00 a.m., Leni had no idea what to do. It goes to show you that not every boyfriend means it when they say they’ll save you from spiders.

And don’t worry–she gave us the receipts to prove she did actually call him 11 times.

It looks like Anthony has some explaining to do!