20+ Actually Genius Tattoo Cover-Ups That Prove Nothing In This World Is Permanent

A tattoo is forever,” some people will say. Which, yeah, ok. That’s true. But also no, it isn’t! Nothing is forever! Not love nor life (sorry), and certainly not tattoos, which can be A) lasered off and B) covered up. Here are 30 people who went the “B” route, and haven’t looked back since”

30. This perfect inception:

29. This party dog…turned party dog:

28. This seemingly impossible change:

27. This “Cruci-fixed”:

26. This ex-wife:

25. And this one:

24. This beautiful execution from snake-grabbing eagle to cosmic eye:

23. These maple leaves turned floral adornments:

22. This Koi Fish cover up:

21. This tribal tat turned samurai: