Couples Share The Little Games They Play And It’s Pretty Relatable (20 Tweets)


When you’re in a relationship for years and years, you’re bound to find yourself in some really odd competitions. Some strange human competition streak comes out and suddenly you’re arguing about who is more tired or who has to do one single chore.

We rounded up 20 of the most relatable tweets about the goofy games couples play with each other.

1. Bathroom trash

@thecatwhisperer / Twitter

2. No silverware washing

@maryfairybobrry / Twitter

3. Laundry breakdown

@granttanaka / Twitter

4. No you!

@daddydoubts / Twitter

5. One game lasts almost 20 years

@thisonesayz / Twitter

6. Go fish

@ddsmidt / Twitter

7. Toothpaste wars

@Breadyn_boehm / Twitter

8. Muscle cramps

@rodlacroix / Twitter

9. Where?!

@mommajessiec / Twitter

10. Your turn?

@elimccann / Twitter

11. Sinks

12. Nobody likes that chore

13. Tired time

14. Weekend plans

15. Belt loops

16. It’s faster.

17. Cashews > Other nuts

18. The dog

19. This is awful?

20. No winners

Kate Hackett

Kate is a freelance writer, actor, author and columnist living in Los Angeles.