41 Times Wild Animals Crashed The Party In The Funniest Ways

When bears join the bbq and crabs are using Pez dispensers.

Just going outside can unexpectedly be a bit of an adventure sometimes. As far as critters go, maybe you’re expecting to see your neighbor’s cat or a friendly dog, but instead, you find a raccoon throwing a party in your trash can. From backyard BBQs to quiet nights in, these hilarious wild animal encounters show just how unpredictable nature can be. I mean, who knew a moose would think my kiddie pool was the perfect place to cool off? Or that crabs enjoyed using pez dispensers that are as big as they are? So grab a seat and get ready to chuckle at these funny moments when wildlife decided to crash the party. It definitely makes a typical, uneventful day seem a lot more interesting!

1. “I Think Someone Spilled A Bag Of Ducks Near Aisle 6”

2. “Mountain Lions Moving Back Into Boulder During Lockdown”

3. “My Friend’s Dad Found A Crab Holding A Donatello PEZ Dispenser”

4. “So This Happened To Me Today”

5. “Mom Had A Stranger On Her Deck This Morning”

6. “Bird Sitting On Its Own Info Board”

7. “The Neighborhood Fox And Her Kits Are Living Under My Front Deck Right Now”

8. “Urban Fox Doing A Full Sploot In My Sunny Scottish Garden”

9. “Albino Deer I Spotted Walking Into Work Last Week”

10. “Not A Creature Was Stirring, All Through The House – Except For This Mouse Living In Our Christmas Tree, Apparently”

11. “The Stray Cat I’m Feeding Has Made Friends With A Hedgehog”

12. “Two Baby Bears On My Grandparents’ Deck”

13. “A Family Of Raccoons In My Yard”

14. “I Came Into My Kitchen To Find A Lizard Using A Sponge As A Raft In The Sink. I Live In New Mexico”

15. “Baby Skunk, Which My Son Found In The Driveway, Fell Asleep In My Hand Yesterday As I Returned It To Its Burrow”

16. “We Fed Our Backyard Squirrel Once… Meet Frankie At Our Backyard Door Waiting For More Nuts”

17. “This Fox That Lives At The Top Of My Granny’s Hedge”

18. “Surprise Snoozing Seal Pup”

19. “A Polar Fox Escaped From A Small Zoo In Germany But Got Tired On The Way. A Zookeeper Took Him Back. I Hope That Didn’t Disturb His Slumber”

20. “This Little Guy Started Hanging Around My Brother While He Was Working On A Car. I Believe It’s An American Kestrel. Which Means My Brother Made Friends With A Falcon”

21. “A Hummingbird Chilled On My Phone Today”

22. “When You Spend Your Whole Life Rolling Your Eyes At Ignorant Foreigners Thinking You Have Kangaroos In Your Front Yard, And You Live In The Suburbs”

23. “Echidna We Rescued At Work. This Little Guy Got Stuck In The Bottom Of A Shallow Mineshaft. We Could Only See His Little Spikes Sticking Out Of The Dirt”

24. “Rare ‘Silver Fox’ At My House Today”

25. “Friend’s Mom Nearly Had A Heart Attack When She Looked Out The Back Window This Morning”

26. “The Wife Opened The Back Door And Immediately Gasped, Then Shut It. A Little Guy Had Been Stashed There By His Mommy For About 10 Hours Before She Came Back And Got Him”

27. “Thankfully I Saved This Little Guy From My Lawnmower Today”

28. “A Pine Marten I Saw While Walking Through The Woods”

29. “The Housekeeping Staff Found An Owl In The Room Of A Guest Who Checked Out Yesterday”

30. “This Random Koala Is On The Side Of My House”

31. “I Found A Baby Rabbit While Mowing The Lawn”

32. “Found A Baby Hawk At Work Today”

33. “Saw A Blonde Squirrel At The Park Yesterday”

34. “A Sleepy Barn Owl Found Camouflage On My Back Porch”

35. “Found This Angry Unit In The Wild At Work Today. Wanted To Have A Piece Of Me Every Time I Walked Past The Tree”

36. “This Lizard Lives In My Birdhouse”

37. “Found This Little Guy Running Across The Train Tracks. I Was Able To Get Him Into The Box So He Didn’t Overheat In The Sun And Get Hit By A Train”

38. “Capybaras Invaded My Garden”

39. “Found A Friend. Millard Canyon Falls Trail, Angeles National Forest, California”

40. “I Was Dashing & Driving With My Windows Down When I Felt Something Hit My Head. I Pulled Over To See What Happened & Noticed A Bird Flew Into The Car As I Was Driving”

41. “Our Friendly Magpie Visits Us Every Morning! This Morning, She Showed Up With A Mouthful Of Bugs. She Walks Right Up, Sits With Me, And Steals Little Bits Of Our Dog’s Food”

Chris Wahl

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