34 Amazing Ways People Quit The Jobs They Hated And Nailed It

When people turned quitting their job into a memorable performance for their bosses and coworkers.

Ever dreamt of the glorious moment you can finally say, “I quit” to that job you despise? It’s like shedding a heavy load, with an added sprinkle of sweet revenge aimed at your annoying boss. We’ve gathered some of the most hilarious and outrageous “I quit” moments that will leave you in stitches. From brilliant resignation letters to iconic last-day antics, these stories are absolute comedy gold.

If you need a good laugh or are looking for some bold inspiration for your own dramatic exit, these tales of epic job walkouts have got you covered. So scroll down and revel in the joy of people bidding farewell to their jobs with unmatched style and flair.

1. “How To Quit Your Summer Job At Dairy Queen”

2. “Onto Bigger And Better Things”

3. “Resigning From A Bad Job With Style”

4. “This Is Not The End. It’s Only The ‘&’”

5. “Quit Your Job Like A Boss”

6. “A Letter Of Resignation From My Sister’s Job”

7. “Funny Quit Notice”

8. “The Best Way To Quit Your Job”

9. “Today I Decided To Bet On Myself And Quit My Job To Work Full Time On My Small Candle Business”

10. “Throwback To 2018 When I Quit My Job Of 8 Years By Leaving This On My Boss’s Desk”

11. “My Boss’s Secretary Quit This Morning After Delivering Breakfast”

12. “The Best Resignation Letter Ever”

13. “My 6-Year-Old Niece Quit On Me After 30 Mins Of Work”

14. “Eat My Resignation. When It’s Time To Move On”

15. “My Resignation Letter To HR, I Will Not Be In Tomorrow”

16. “I Also Quit My Job”

17. “My Colleague Of 10 Years Finally Quit His Job To Work For His Church. Here’s What He Put Up All Round The Building. Legend”

18. “I Helped A Work Mate With His Resignation Letter. Not Sure Why He Didn’t Use It?”

19. “So I Quit My Job And I Just Took This Into Work”

20. “I just don’t really like you guys no more”

21. “My Friend Quit His Job Yesterday”

22. “My Boss Volunteered Me For A Golf Event That I Hated Every Second Of, So I Gave Her A Golf Themed Resignation Letter”

23. “Just Went In And Quit, But Not Without Super Gluing A Few Of These To Walls By The Time Clocks”

24. “I Think Lena Quit Her Job Today”

25. “Quitting My Job Today. Leaving This As My Out Of Office Message”

26. “6 Months Ago This Is How I Submitted My 2 Week’s Notice. Today Several Of My Former Coworkers Got Canned”

27. “Mass Exodus – The Owners Of This Store Were Left Scratching Their Heads After Their Entire Team Decided To Quit. Hopefully They’ve Learned Their Lesson”

28. “Quit My Job Where The Owners Use And Abuse Me, My Hard Work, And My Kindness. I Had To Beg Them For A $1 Raise After 1.5 Years”

29. “I Work At A Supermarket And This Is My Resignation Letter”

30. “I Did A Thing Today”

31. “After Successfully Opening His Own Business, My Best Friend Quit His Corporate Job After 18 Years And Left This For Them To Remember Him By”

32. “My ‘Partner In Crime’ At Work Is Announcing His Resignation Today, And This Is How We Are Doing It”

33. “Handing In This Resignation Letter Today”

34. “Best Resignation Letter Ever”

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