Well, That’s Embarrassing (27 Funny Self-Owns)

People embarrass themselves on the internet every day. Luckily, bored people lurk on every website attempting to compile the funniest and saddest self-owns. Often, they voluntarily make fun of themselves for our enjoyment. The question is: is it really a self-deprecating “joke” if it’s entirely true?

Unfortunately, I can’t stop you from putting your foot in your mouth out there, but I can show you how others failed in the past. I can also show you those people owning their flaws in clever and funny ways.

Frankly, more self-owns and dumb comments can be found the second you turn on an opinion-focused TV news show. The View is on every day and it’s straight-up not good for anyone, viewers and hosts alike. Sadly, that show is not the bottom of the barrel. The good news is, however, there are funnier comments out there by more self-aware people.

Here are the funniest and most embarrassing moments when people roasted themselves on the internet:

1. Let me tell you about your first mistake.

2. Giving a certain signal.

3. Know thyself.

4. Crying for many reasons right now.

5. Bro, you nailed it (yourself).

6. I don’t think this is true.

7. Taking yo mama jokes to the next level.

8. Oscar-worthy.

9. So true.

10. Very recognizable.

11. Not me but someone I know.

12. Frightening stuff here.

13. Dang, that’s accurate.

14. The authority on the subject.

15. The upside of COVID.

Dan Wilbur

Dan is a stand-up and author and has been featured on Sirius XM, the RISK! podcast, in the Boston Comedy Festival, the Cleveland Comedy Festival, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Cape Fear Comedy Festival, and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival.

He's written for any number of websites including someecards, College Humor and, yes, WorldWideInterweb

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