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It’s Back-To-School Season And These Parents Have Jokes (20 Tweets)

It’s that time again: kids are heading back to school after a long summer of hanging out around the house. Parents, as you might expect, are generally thrilled to have their offspring back in the classroom, but the first few weeks also come with a weird amount of homework that’s actually for the parent. Bewildering, right?

Join me in embracing the hilarious tweets about all things back to school.

1. See? Weird homework

@xplodingunicorn / Twitter

2. Oh no

@pro_worrier_ / Twitter

3. The smell

@copymama / Twitter

4. Great?

@struggledisplay / Twitter

5. True, kid. True.

@crockettforreal / Twitter

6. So many emails

@satiricalmommy / Twitter

7. Wait!

@idontspeakwhine / Twitter

8. Lunchtime

@rusty_coach / Twitter

9. Yeah, it’s bizarrely specific

@notmythirdrodeo / Twitter

10. Well, good

@bunandleggings / Twitter

11. Shopping

12. Yearbooks

13. Milk

14. Emails again

15. Sickness

16. Heroic

17. Deep conflict

18. Not happening

19. Do nothing

20. Money!