50 Funniest Fast Food Signs Of All Time

Surely some of these signs were pranks, right?

abby you need to show up dairy queen mcdonals crap signs

This is a sign… that we all need to eat more fast food. Like right now. Seriously, get in your car and go eat some.

Funniest Fast Food Signs Ever

abby show up for work dairy queen funny sign


 sonic funny sign


burger king mcdonalds sign, funny fast food restaurant signs


burger king teets


taco bell wtf 20120110 2059810642


slide 193500 409402 free


mcdonalds sign fail


burger king signs


demon flesh


burger king star wars

Still craving more like it’s McDonald’s fries. Here you go…

dude phrasing sign
Burger King Sign Now Hiring Must Be Mexican 665x385
fast food sign fails
fast food signs 06
ffsign 2
burger king star wars
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try our new crap mcdonalds

funny dominos sign
funny fast food sign
funny fast food signs
funny fastfood signs 11
funny kfc sign
funny mcdonalds sign
Funny Sign Fails 2
funny mcdonalds
funny sign
funny sonice
funny Subway sign free napkin
funnyfast foodsigns 17
funny taco bell sign
mcdonalds 76777922766 xlarge
fast food signs 04
mcdonalds funniest signs
taco bell hiring 20120110 1651357925
01 Uneatable Feast af
wendys sign
mcdonalds funny sign
mcdonalds not lovin it
sign fail pics 0288
taco bell closed 20120110 1685420589
f44de 129151642265006612
funny subway sign
dominos pizza win

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