Controversial Tweet Claiming Fries Are Better With Ranch Has The Entire Internet Tripping

In recent years, there’s been a marked change in the way people use Twitter. Politics became the central subject and people stopped just making jokes and started really speaking their truths. Some people were scared to speak up about the important issues, but others—leaders at heart—bravely got conversations started about controversial subjects. Subjects like…should you eat your fries with ketchup or ranch?

A Twitter user with the name @anamaciias_ boldly proclaimed that fries are better with ranch dressing than with ketchup.

And Twitter erupted with strongly-held opinions.

A lot of people agreed with her.

But then, a lot of people disagreed.

you tripping

— santi (@playboisanti) March 5, 2018

Some even felt the authorities should be contacted to come get this obvious psychopath.

A few people mixed ranch and ketchup to create their own special (disgusting imho) sauce.

People also chimed in about what they like on their fries. But no one mentioned the absolute best answer, which is actually in fact mayo.

There was even a whole side tangent about boneless chicken wings.

So what do you think? Fries in ketchup or ranch or something else? Don’t be afraid to let your freak condiment flag fly.

h/t: Twitter: @anamaciias_

Jessie Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.