Fitness Influencer Says She Pushed Her 9-LB Baby Out In One 30-Second Push


Parents-to-be go through a lot of trouble preparing for the moment their new baby will come into the world. But one fitness influencer is suggesting continuing to hit the gym during her pregnancy made things a whole lot easier.

Yanyah Milutinovic (@yanyahgotitmade) gave birth to her youngest child last summer and has shared a number of fitness videos showing her already getting back in shape following his birth. But prior to that, she had continued to work on strength training even while pregnant, something some folks had very strong opinions on.

A recent video compiled a number of the negative comments Yanyah got while sharing her pregnancy journey last year, mostly from people who insisted going to the gym would somehow damage her baby.

Instead, she says, staying in such good shape made her delivery go a lot easier.

“40+ weeks. 9lbs healthy boy. Highest Apgar Score possible. 30 seconds and in ONE SINGLE PUSH,” she wrote. “That’s all I got to say.”

“It’s absolutely remarkable!” she told Jam Press. “And I am so proud of myself, and my daughter.”

Since having such success with her delivery, Yanyah didn’t waste any time hitting the gym again. After doing breathing exercises and pelvic floor workouts, she was ready to start strength training once again.

“In these last four months, I have safely rebuilt my strength after giving birth,” she said. “I have even surpassed by strength in many lifts, lifting a lot heavier than what I ever have in my life.”

Yanyah also credits spending time working on her pelvic floor throughout her pregnancy for preventing and leaks or incontinence.

“My pelvic floor is equally as strong as the rest of my body and with the proper exercises I have been able to heal myself from two pregnancies without any complications,” she said.

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