“Is This What Dating Women Is Like?”—Woman Has Wholesome Reaction To Her First Lesbian Date


“Is this what dating women is like!!??”

That was Jillian’s reaction after going on a date with a woman for the first time. In a 59-second clip posted to TikTok, Jillian — whose TikTok handle is @jaxe22 — enthusiastically detailed her date.

The post was so gosh darn cute it quickly went viral, receiving 3.5 million views on the platform. In the clip, Jillian was giddy over how well the two hit it off. She began by saying how during their picnic, the two kept going back and forth, telling each other how beautiful the other is.

We’re already invested in this date.


Wlw plZ tell me IS THIS WHAT DATING WOMEN IS LIKE?! Wtf have I been doing for the past 22 years y’all 🤦‍♀️🤯 #lgbtq #lesbian #queer #wlw #gay #fyp

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Getting even more wholesome, Jillian said it took them an hour to start eating their food because they were too busy getting to know each other.

Then — in a situation that could have ended in embarrassment — Jillian got her period during the picnic and it got on the white blanket.

Her date’s reaction: “That is so beautiful and holy.”

That response alone is enough to call it the best date ever. However, it only gets better from there. They talked at the park for six hours and then went back to the woman’s house, AND SHE MADE JILLIAN A FIRE IN HER FIREPLACE! AND ALSO MADE TEA!

Over on Twitter, people celebrated the joys of being lesbian, or longed to be a lesbian.