30 Bingeworthy Fun Facts About Netflix

How about some Netflix and chill and facts?

Plain and simple, Netflix is the king of streaming services. Kudos to the other platforms but when it comes to bingeing shows and movies, you really can’t top Netflix.

If you can unglue yourself from the screen for a bit, binge yourself with these fun facts about Netflix. You’re already rewatching all the Netflix classics, you might as well learn a thing or two!

I stream, you stream, we all stream for Netflix

1. Over 65% of Netflix users share an account.

2. The streaming service was originally called Kibble.

3. Netflix has more than 125 million hours of streamable content.

4. There are still over 3 million Americans signed up for Netflix’s monthly DVD plan (at $7.99 a month).


Netflix facts


6. Ireland has the largest Netflix library in the world.

7. The CEO of Netflix (Reed Hastings) came up with the idea from a Blockbuster late fee.

8. By subscribing to a monthly account users save a little over 6 days worth of ads.

9. You can add Rotten Tomatoes ratings to Netflix.


Netflix facts


11. Blockbuster denied an offer to buy Netflix in the year 2000 for $50 million.

12. Netflix outranks every TV and cable network in the US.

13. You can turn off the ‘Are you still watching?’ prompt.

14. Netflix made special socks that detect when you fall asleep and pause your show so you don’t miss anything.


Netflix facts


16. Users spend less than two minutes on average when browsing through the Netflix library.

17. Netflix is available in over 190 countries around the world.

18. The worst video quality on Netflix typically occurs between 7 pm to 9 pm.

19. Netflix’s first film was called “The Example Show.”


Netflix facts


21. “House of Cards” was Netflix’s first original series.

22. Netflix’s giant DVD warehouses are kept secret and hidden.

23. Globally, Netflix users spend roughly 1 billion hours a week streaming content.

24. The term “Netflix and chill” was coined in 2015.


Netflix facts


26. Netflix has over 76,000 micro categories.

27. 8.4 million Netflix members have finished an entire season of a show within 24 hours of its release.

28. Rating the shows you’ve seen makes it easier for Netflix to recommend shows you might like.

29. 80% of the TV shows people watch on Netflix are discovered through the service’s recommendation system.


Netflix facts


H/T: Facts.net

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