People Are Sharing The Dumbest Ways They’ve Ever Injured Themselves (30 Tweets)

Funny, stupid injuries are what makes this country great. In fact, the comedy is doubled by the fact that if you don’t have insurance, that dumb mistake could ruin your life. It’s like being a caveman. You sprain your ankle, you get eaten by a lion. But, now, if you injure yourself you might survive if someone films the event and submits it to America’s Funniest Home Videos. Otherwise, you’re probably in trouble financially.

Many people who hurt themselves, however, can often look back and laugh at the dumb mistake they made. They’re fine now. You’re allowed to laugh at everyone tweeting about their pain and stupidity because they’re healthy and owning up to their dumbness.

This viral tweet from @MinaKimes started it all:

funny injuries, tweets, hurt in dumb way

From there, everyone on the internet dug into their own past. What did they find there? Memories of extremely stupid times they hurt themselves. They aren’t alone. I’ve burned myself multiple times while cooking simple meals. These stories, however, take things a step further.

It’s time to laugh at other people’s pain as they share the dumbest moments when they hurt themselves:

1. Mina kicked it off, and then immediately thought of a second dum injury.

funny injuries, tweets, hurt in dumb way

2. The photographic evidence makes it hurt more.

funny injuries, tweets, hurt in dumb way

3. By far, the funniest but worst day of this guy’s life.

funny injuries, tweets, hurt in dumb way

4. Still a good girl.

5. Fighting yourself.

6. The scars of privilege

7. This is the fate of everyone who gets older, I’m afraid.

8. Worth it.

9. My mom’s biggest fear when I was a kid.

10. The spider won this round.

11. This isn’t dumb so much as “earned.”

12. The most important toe.

13. Fun visual.

14. I’m surprised this person isn’t dead.

15. I salute you.