Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Mark Hamill in 1977

One of today’s top internet gems comes to us via Reddit Star Wars and this post of a vintage magazine article from 1977 that details the “Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Mark Hamill” back in 1977. Some of the amazing Do’s include that Mark enjoys relaxing by the waves and he loves swimming. The M-Hamill Don’ts are “don’t annoy him when he’s doing artwork” and “don’t expect him to take wild parties.” Unfortunately, the article also forgot to mention that you “do” want to take him into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters, and “don’t” bring up his father. Kudos to you Mark, and you’re continued overall level of awesomeness today, and back when you were clearly one of America’s top teen heartthrobs back in 1977.