Donald Trump Calls Kanye West The ‘Black Version Of Me’ In ‘SNL’ Cold Open

After Kanye West caused a scene at the White House and the Oval Office on Thursday, people were counting down the hours to see if Saturday Night Live would bring Alec Baldwin back to mock the entire scene.
Without fail, the entire SNL cast banned together to mimic the outrageous scene in their cold open this weekend. For the first time this season, Alec Baldwin returned to the SNL stage to channel his incredible version of President Trump. Alongside him was Kenan Thompson playing NFL running back Jim Brown and Chris Redd playing rapper Kanye West.

Immediately, Redd jumped into character, starting off with wild comments that are almost parallel to West’s in real life. Baldwin, on the other hand, had a hilarious inner monologue–saying about West, “he’s black me!”

After watching the show’s cold open, people on Twitter couldn’t stop praising it.

In all honesty, it looked way too close to the original meeting footage–so, do with that statement what you will; our government has turned into a comedy show.

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