Dog Sitter Shares Text Message Exchange With A Potential Client That Will Make You See Red

When you work in the service industry where you’re providing a service to a client for a fee, there are always times when people will try to low-ball you on prices.
While negotiating prices for a service is a part of life, it’s rude to negotiate to the point where you’re insulting the person providing their business.  But, the best part about owning/operating your own business is that you are able to tell people to completely f**k off when they do so. One Imgur user shared a text message conversation with a potential client interested in their dog sitting services–and, the entire thing will make you see nothing but red. 

The client reached out to the dog sitter on Instagram after not hearing back on Facebook.

The client then got rather rude and snippy about how this person should run their business.

Although the dog sitter was unavailable, they still offered to watch the client’s dog–in their own home. But, it wasn’t good enough.


The dog sitter then proceeded to give the client the prices for housing the dog. Not only will they need to pay for gas for pick-up, but also buy food and other things to make the dog more comfortable.

But, here’s where it got bad.

And, dramatic…and then came the lowball–outright disrespect.

Then, the client began to insult the business owner–even though they kept calm the entire time.

So, the business owner decided to give the client a taste of their own medicine–amazing.

Word to the wise–don’t treat people like they’re garbage, especially when they are doing something for you.

Lex Gabrielle

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