Danielle Bregoli Is Beefing With Dance Mom’s Star JoJo Siwa And Twitter Is Taking Sides

It seems as though the social media kid star list grows by the day and I’m introduced to new names and faces I’ve never heard before. It’s like I can no longer keep up with who y’all decide to make famous.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Danielle Bregoli–aka Cash Me Ousside girl, aka Bhad Bhabie. The 15-year-old appeared on The Dr. Phil Show a few years ago and became the meme of the year with her one-liners threatening people in the audience.

Since then, Bregoli has made a name for herself across social media and the music industry, as she’s now a rapper signed to an actual music label–and makes actual money off of her tracks. No, I’m serious, her song “Hi Bich/Whatchu Know” has 111 million views on YouTube.

Bregoli has been known to cause some drama and controversy online. Just a few months ago, she was seen fighting with Lil Tay and Woah Vicky in public. But, now, she’s taking jabs at another teen star–JoJo Siwa.

Siwa is a YouTube personality and spokesperson/singer who appeared on the TV show Dance Moms. She clearly has a different aesthetic than Bregoli, who goes for the “bad girl vibe.” Siwa, on the other hand, is all fluff, unicorns, and bows.

So, where does the drama come in? It all started when one mom wrote something online praising Siwa for being such a “good influence” for her daughter. She was trying to “stand up” for Siwa, who gets a lot of heat on social media for acting too young. In the process, she completely trashed Bregoli, who she called a “delinquent.”

Siwa, however, appreciated the love and responded to the tweet saying that she wants everyone to know it’s “okay” to be a kid and they all don’t need to “grow up too fast.”

Bregoli was not happy about Siwa’s response–or the mother’s comments. So, she simply said:

Siwa, who claims she’s a positive influence on all young women and stays “away” from drama, pulled a petty card and said:

While most people are usually against Bregoli and her career, they had her back on this one.  Twitter had a lot of thoughts on the drama–specifically that Siwa was a hypocrite and wrong for dragging Bregoli for living a different lifestyle than her own.

People pointed out that Bregoli and Siwa grew up differently, and keyed in that Bregoli was put in situations that made her mature much faster (hella relatable). Additionally, they pointed out that 15-year-olds shouldn’t have to be one specific way (like Siwa’s super childish aesthetic, or Bregoli’s bad girl aesthetic).

I guess everyone shows their true colors eventually when it comes to social media.

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