17-Year-Old Sick Of Her Citrus-Allergic Dad Stealing Her Food Adds Lemon To It To Stop Him, Asks ‘AITA’

This one reads like a spoiled brat who is incapable of understanding that her dad pays for her entire existence and if she needs something from him, she needs to communicate it.

And in fairness: 17-year-olds are kind of spoiled and self-centered. It’s part of being a kid. u/Prestigious_Match674 took to the AITA Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong to purposefully lace everything she eats with an ingredient her dad is allergic to… instead of, I guess, finding a less toxic solution.

So to make a long story short, my dad is allergic to citrus which includes lemons ofc.

She explains that he’s allergic to lemons. Over the last year, her dad has taken to noshing on any food she has that is a “comfort food”.

Over the past year or so, almost any food that I (17 f) consider a safe food, which is basically a comfort food for different occasions, has been eaten by my dad (50 m). Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this, but now it’s starting to get my on nerves considering he’s taken it upon himself to eat any food I bring home (from work, school, etc…).

Her dad doesn’t communicate with her when he does it, which I acquiesce would be problematic. He just takes her food… but like, is there no other food in the house? Why is this HERS?

He doesn’t ask, he just takes and doesn’t tell and let’s me figure it out on my own sometimes.

So to retaliate, I’ve starting putting lemon juice in nearly everything I cook/bring home so that he can’t eat it. This has stopped him from eating my food, but now he gets upset when I tell him something has lemon in it.

So OP started to put lemon juice in everything. Which feels like a terrible accident waiting to happen. She does clarify that she tells her dad about the lemon.

So am i the a**hole??

Edit: I would never not tell him about the lemon in the food item. I love my dad but he can get on my nerves.

A lot of Redditors disagreed with me and voted NTA — but I think a lot of the Redditors who populate that sub are, in fact, 17 year olds themselves.

Some of the less stupid responses included, “He only gave you life. YTA,” from one reader. Another wrote, “If you aren’t paying the bills and living under his roof, YTA. For 17 years he fed your belly, pay it forward.”

Another offered actual advice, “ESH… Your dad has been buying food for you to eat for 17 years.. maybe he considers it a ‘dad tax’. Try putting your name on it, like you would in a break room situation. If that doesn’t help stop it, buy yourself a mini fridge and keep it in your room. Maybe once in awhile ask your dad to go out to eat with you. People do seriously stupid things for attention, could be the case here.”

And yet another said, “I may get downvotes for this but I think if he pays for the bills such as running the fridge he should have the right to eat anything in it but if you pay the bills then she shouldn’t take your food.”