45+ Times Cross Stitch Artists Shared Their Hilarious And Brilliant Creations

A cross-stitch is a fairly easy-to-learn form of sewing in which people come up with some pretty amazing works of art.

The cross-stitch subreddit is full of talented folks sharing their creations. Here are some of our favorite cross-stitch art pics from the group.

1. “First Time Using Glow In The Dark Thread, It Was Super Fiddly And The Stitches Came Out Quite Messy But I Love The Glow”

cross stitch art

2. “Agoraphobic But Missing Art Galleries, I’ve Started Stitching My Own Mini One”

cross stitch art




6. “Eden Serpent By Paradisestitch! It Took Forever But I’m So Happy With How It Turned Out!”

7. “Frogs”

8. “Does It Look Like Watercolor?”

9. “My Mom Allowed Me To Post This On Her Behalf. This Is Officially Her Biggest Finished Project And I’m So Proud Of Her!”

10. “My Internet Password Is Long And Complicated. No Matter How Hard I Try, I Will Never Remember It. My Router Is Hard To Reach And My Kid Keeps Running Off With My Post-It Notes, So I Decided To Stitch A Qr Code To Hang On The Wall”

11. “My Finished Wonders Of The Night Sky Design (Pattern By Me). It’s All As Nerdily Accurate As I Could Make It And Took A Loooong Time To Put Together!”

12. “After A Year And A Half Of Work, I’ve Finally Finished My Very First Cross-Stitch!”

13. “3 Years And 197,580 Stitches Later, She’s Done!”

14. “I’m Finally Done Live, Laugh, Loving Over Here!”

15. “I’ve Started Making A Cross Stitch Of Each Trip My Partner And I Go On Together. We Made A Special Deal – I Do The Stitch, He Makes The Frames!”

16. “Birthday Gift For My Mom, The Person Who First Got Me Into Cross-Stitch. We Love Watching Hummingbirds Together, So I Stitched One She Can Look At Whenever She Wants”

17. “This Is A Pattern I Picked Up To Keep Myself Busy While My Other Material Arrived. Pattern Linked In Comments. Background I Added Myself”

18. “One Of My Largest Finishes Yet!!”

19. “Found This At A Church Rummage Sale! Part Of A $5 Per Bag Sale!”

20. “Made For My Pigeon Obsessed Friend, Do You Think She’ll Like It?”

21. “Just A Recent Finished Project”

22. “Peeking Jesus”

23. “My Cute Avocado Yoga!”

24. “At Last!! And I Can Finally Say Im Done With This Awesome Conversion Hehehe!”

25. “How I Spent My Weekend”

26. “Going To Surprise My Wife With This Tonight. We Are Having Our First”

27. “Blackwork Cat Pile”

28. “I Just Realised I Never Shared This Completed Piece. Considering It Took Me About 15 Years To Complete I Figure It’s Worth A Share”

29. “I Don’t Know If This Game Is Universal But It Was The Best”

30. “My Pokémon Epic 1-5 Is Back From The Framer!”