Men Share The Creepiest Things Women Have Ever Said To Them And Yikers (20 Posts)

We see a lot of posts about WOMEN fending of creepy men — and let’s be honest: statistically and anecdotally, it’s women who are abused, accosted, attacked, and killed by men far more often than women abuse, accost, attack, or kill men.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t stories out there about women behaving like absolute creepers. u/GeorgePiper2003 recently asked the men of Reddit,:

“What’s the creepiest thing a woman has ever said to you?”

Let’s take a peek at the replies.

1. Dancer

I bartended at a small dive bar years ago. It was late one night, and I had a lone female guest. She was probably middle aged, polite and short while ordering her drink. I thought nothing strange or got no red flags, so I continued my closing duty, sweeping around the tables in particular( not behind the bar). I’m focused on cleaning and getting out of there, and I turn around to dump dust pan, and she’s standing right behind me staring me dead in the eye.

“Will you dance with me?” She asks in a slow, nervous manner. For the record, there is no music playing, and we’re the only two living creatures in the building. I tell politely that I’m closing and cannot right now, and quickly put distance and walk behind the bar. In the 5 seconds I have to walk through the kitchen this guest has walked back to her stool and begun hysterically crying at the top of her lungs. She asks me if I think she’s ugly, fat, unattractive, a whore, and several more derogatory things which I deny and deflect. She screams and tells me she hates me and runs out of the bar. I ring the beer she drank half of up as a waste and lock the door. I continued to work there for 7 more years, and never saw this guest again. AelasTuren

2. Oh, lord, run.

“I just wanted to see if you’d stay”

Now… The reason this was fucking crazy is because preceding that I got a text from her saying she maybe missed a period. I said something like oh okay, so what if you’re pregnant. She VOLUNTEERED an abortion. Cool, good shit. I don’t have to worry about raising a kid at 16. Keep in mind we weren’t even sure yet that she WAS pregnant.

So then suddenly she texts me saying maybe she changed her mind and she would want to keep it if she were pregnant. So I…. Reasonably … Asked what changed. She says she just might want to keep the kid if she’s pregnant and I keep sort of driving after it. Okay, but what’s different between now and an hour or two ago when you brought up an abortion. She accuses me of pressuring her, calls me an asshole, and stops responding to my texts.

A day or two later she tells me she wasn’t ever even pregnant in the first place and … See the quote above. That’s why she said she went through all that shit, and I guess her not knowing the kind of person I am, made that okay for her to do.

God I wish it had ended there. Eight216

3. She’d rather kill him

She told me she would rather kill me and then herself than see me with someone else. kidjay76

4. Holy shit, to a KID.

As a child (< 10 y.o.), my then-stepmom requested some specific candy bar from my trick-or-treating haul. When I refused, she casually said, “I’ll rape you for it.”

I had only a vague idea what the word meant, but it sounded like bad news. Richard_Thickens

5. Uhh, girl, no.

“I want to have sex with you and I want my husband to come in the room to catch us having sex and you ending up fighting him” gepettow

6. This turned out so well!

A few years ago I started hanging out with this girl who was around my friend group at the time, and came to trivia nights with us occasionally.

Things were going well at first, but then I started noticing some odd signs. She never slept, she would do bizarre things like start her shower, then go start cooking food, then sit down and begin tending her plants as if she kept forgetting what task she was doing. She put a sign out on her lawn with her cell phone number on it wanting to “connect with strangers”.

It got weirder as it went on. I mentioned to her once that I liked thunderstorms and she became convinced that I could cause thunderstorms. At first I thought she was joking, but it started to weird me out. Then one night when I was sleeping over I noticed that she was just sitting in bed watching me. She put her hand on my heart and whispered that she could hear the beautiful fishes in my blood

That very morning, her father burst into her apartment yelling about her appointment with the psychiatrist that she kept avoiding. She told me that her parents and the doctors were trying to convince her that she had bipolar disorder, and wanted to shut her brain off

Long story short, her friends and family convinced her to go, she bravely took on her mental illness and got help before the manic episode got out of control, and now we are very close friends to this day DanDanRevolution1347

7. Skin

Mine is so harmless in comparison to a lot of these but was stoned and hooking up with this girl. We are foreplaying and she’s sitting cowgirl kissing my neck and l am digging it. Suddenly she’s like licking and slurping my neck and chest. She sits up, moves her face an inch from mine to stare into my eyes and says:

“Where did you get your skin? It’s delicious”

(I was so high I could only reply “…my parents?”) RepeatDTD

8. So weird.

At a bar a woman a good 20 years older than me walked up from behind me ran her hands through my hair and said “I’m a dominatrix” WBY3

9. This is so uncool!

She held up a banana and asked if my penis was the same size. In the middle of a dinner rush. As loud as can be. In front of about five customers and everyone on shift that night. And this was after she groped my brother’s ass. Somehow she didn’t get fired for this shit and I still resent my former boss for not being more attentive. JCM42899

10. Jesus, this poor guy

A complete and total stranger walked over to me and said “I need you to rearrange my guts with your cock.”

She pointed at the men’s bathroom and then walked over and in to it.

While I left.

This woman had 20 years at least on everyone in that place and the best way for me to describe how she looked is to say “half-crushed beercan.” DarthDregan

11. ADHD

I want to have your ADHD infested children. Top_Damage2920

12. Holy christ, she’s a killer

A woman I matched with on Tinder told me that she likes to kill animals, and then asked to meet me in the middle of the woods.

I figured that might be a red flag, so unmatched, and never went back to Tinder. Joshawott27

13. Said nothing

This weekend at veld (music festival in Toronto) i was actually aggressively approached.

A girl had grabbed my arm as my friend and i were walking by, as i tried to pull away she looked me dead in the eye and said nothing.

I said “sorry I’m in a hurry to the bathroom, can’t talk” she then proceeded to touch my stomach and tried to get a hand full of my package.

Throughout all this, she said nothing. Scared the shit outta me. realnoob123

14. Sounds… not fun?

“Will you sleep with me if I drug and stab you. It’ll be fun” I was waiting for my buss at 6AM tallweirdo16

15. Girl, no.

I had a gal tell me she was gonna follow me home and “fuck the dog shit” out of me whether I wanted it or not.

For context I was living in the Bronx at the time. I heard shit like that all the time. because_of_ghosts

16. Logic does not compute

I worked at a caviar bar in SF and it was basically cougar bait. One time this relatively older lady said “you look just like my son. You should come home with me.” B should not follow from A. onioning

17. Not the dad

I was 14 she was 16, just started talking due to our mutual friends were dating.

After a week she drops “I got a bun in the oven, and you can be the father”.

Hung up the phone and never spoke to her again.

Edit: I was obviously not the father after only TALKING to the chick for a week. ChargingHeadbutt

18. I think… no?

“Do you want to stick it in my stinky, sticky pussy.” I was still a virgin and this question did not convince me to stick it anywhere for a while. sirryanthefirst

19. This made my jaw drop

” if you didn’t have the ring on you i would have raped you” Darthbulbasaur

20. No thank you.

Drunk woman with an older lady nearby sat down next to me on a bench and looked at me “I’ll fuck you if you can beat up my mom over there” RosaArcana