24 Of The Greatest Design Fails From “Crappy Design”

Were they by accident or by design? That is the main question your brain will ask you repeatedly while consuming these design fails. While I think we can all agree the most advertising and packaging designs are pretty awful, these are designs so crappy they could be considered literal works of fart. This collection of incredibly crappy designs come to your screen of choice via Crappy Design, a subreddit that makes marginal designers feel pretty good about themselves while celebrating all things Comic Sans. The designers responsible for these designs are "the sh*t" in their own special way and Crappy Design is a magical place where they finally got the praise they truly deserve. We live in a society that expects all of us to strive for greatness and be anything we want to be, so it's kinda nice to know that there's an alternate internet universe that celebrates being crappy. Our hope is that this gallery inspires you to suck at something in the very near future. Make absolutely no effort, ignore all basic logic, and who knows, great things might happen. Sure, you might get fired because of it, but let's be honest, that was probably going to happen anyway.

1. Clean Living Made Dirty

2. Crappy Design Fails Find A Way


3. Crotchety Olympic Uniforms


4. With Photoshop Comes Great Responsibility


5. Design By Prestige Worldwide


6. Design By Drago


7. Talk About A Crabby Design


8. Making Pour Decisions


9. Seeing Red


10. Soda Pressing



11. Door-To-Door Irony


12. Anustart



13. Here's The Rub


14. Forever Fat


15. Salt Of The Earth


16. School OF What?


17. Happy Holidays From Fox


18. No Shirt, No Service


19. Ain't Sense Make No


20. Face/Off



21. Tiki Torches Not Included


22. Pie Oh My


23. Talk About A Sticky Situation


24. Major Turning Point

Crappy Design Fails

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