Contractor’s Sweet Thank You Note To Boy Who Helped Him Rebuild A Patio Went Viral


Steph Heathcote, who is mom to two boys, hired a builder to do work on her patio — as a homeowner does. She didn’t think the contractor would leave such a lasting impact on her family.

Her six-year-old son, Harry, saw the construction going on outside and wanted to participate. So, the builder welcomed him on the site and gave Harry a few kid-friendly tasks to do.

Apparently, the two hit it off and Harry ended up being an all-star helper.

On July 27, Steph posted a Twitter update about the experience and how the builder made Harry feel included and appreciated. After the work was done, the builder left a note with a 10-pound tip.

The tiny gesture of kindness made an impact not only on Steph and her family, but across the internet.

As of this writing, the post has been shared more than 23k times and liked more than 259k times.

A few were especially tickled by the line “saying why more times than I have ever heard why.”

One Twitter user was curious what Harry plans to do with his money. Spend it wisely, of course.

Steph also made sure to show off Harry’s — and the builder’s, we guess — fine work on the patio and path.