48 Compliments People Received That Hit Right In The Feels And Stayed There

Words of affirmation that people received that hit like a warm hug and still make them smile today.

You know that old joke about how men never forget a compliment? It’s like giving them the last piece of chocolate on earth—rare and treasured. Well, there’s some truth to that, but let’s be real, we all have those compliments that stick with us, whether they’re deeply moving or just perfectly timed.

Well there is an ‘Ask Reddit’ thread where people share the compliments they’ll never forget. It got me thinking about the power of a kind word and how it can make such a huge impact on people. From the funny to the heartfelt, these compliments will definitely bring a smile to your face, and who knows, maybe even make you a bit misty-eyed. So if you’re in need of a little pick-me-up check out these unforgettable compliments that hit right in the feels and stayed there.


# 1

I love music so I really give it all on the dancefloor when I’m out.

After one of the parties, a guy came up to me, says he’s completely deaf but watching me dance it was almost as if he heard music again.

# 2

A car full of girls rolled past me slowly one time when I was out shopping and yelled out “GIRL, YOU’RE SO CUTE, WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR DRESS!?”

And that was just so aggressively nice.

# 3

My ailing grandma told me I was her “favorite person” as her last words to me. I loved her so dearly and it meant a lot.

# 4

While dressed in studded-leather Warrior-Princess mode, complete with boots, gauntlets and sword, at an outdoor summer dance festival, was told I was cool by a boy of about 13. I was nearly 50.

# 5

It was the only time in my entire life I’ve received this compliment from a stranger. I was helping out a customer and she was quiet but friendly. Before she left she said “you have a sunny disposition” and I almost cried. That compliment has stuck with me and it’s been nearly a decade later.

# 6

In college I didn’t have many friends my first year. I wasn’t as outgoing as I am now. I was riding the elevator in my dorm when a girl walked in. She smiled and said I have beautiful eyes. I don’t even know if I replied honestly. I’d never had any attribute highlighted by anybody I wasn’t related to. That interaction gave me a big boost in confidence.

It also taught me to compliment people, especially dudes. We never get compliments. If you’re in my zone and are looking fresh, you know I’m gonna tell ya!

# 7

Had a client once bring me a framed placard, she had handmade, saying “To the world, you may be just one person, but to one person, you could mean the world”. Still hangs in my office to this day.

# 8

When I had my super red hair, a little girl told me that I looked like Ariel. I told her oh yes the mermaid, and she said yes a princess. Made me honestly tear up, I really needed that in that moment too.

# 9

“you have no idea how safe and destressed I feel after hanging out with you”
Was unexpected as it came from an overly stressed, kinda cynical person who is actually going through a lot.

# 10

Christmas mid 90’s. My oldest was 3. Money was tight and I felt it constantly. I was tying the cheapest tree we could find to the top of our rusty Toyota. My son was “helping” me. An older man came over and said “You are a wealthy man.” I tear up even now as I type this.

# 11

A former Royal Marine told me that the world will be alright as long as there’s men like me in it.

…was kind of wowed ’bout that.

# 12

“Your hugs heal something broken in all of us.” I still tear up thinking about it.

# 13

It was from my sister. I’m a wheelchair user with limited mobility. My sister said to me “You are not useless for not being able to move, you are beautiful and smarter than me, so you’re not useless, you just have different abilities”.

# 14

I got “You look like a Botticelli painting” twice.

# 15

Casually walking with my dog, a clearly unstable and troubled person was held down by a few police, the person looked up, we locked eyes and she yelled on her top of lungs – HEY dude I love your face!!!!!!!!

The entire street looked, and my dog looked back and gave me a huge grin.

# 16

Fiance told me how happy she was that I am able to sit and reflect with my own emotions as to prevent them from hurting others.

I will NEVER forget that compliment.

# 17

I was talking to this random guy I met at my friend’s houseparty for the whole night and before leaving he said “you’re very vibrant and full of life, dont let that child in you die, ever”.

I still smile like a crazy person whenever I remember this.

# 18

Once I was in the subway in Paris and the guy sitting in front of me smiled at me and said : « you’re really cute and charming ». Then got up and left. It’s been more than twenty years and I still remember that guy and how nice it made me feel.

# 19

Having just left a job that I had given all my effort to which wasn’t appreciated and then had been dropped from the contract renewal list…when my new managers approached me after a stressful shift and said:

“we are so happy you’re with us, we’ve never had someone who just gets on with the work no fuss and is always in a good mood”

it really hit me deep and especially at that point when I thought I was acting grumpy nearly 24/7, it elevated my mood and performance going forward.

I was only at that job a few months but the entire team attended my leaving event on short notice and still invite me to socials.

# 20

“You know, you’d probably be a pretty good person to travel with.”

# 21

My brother telling me I looked stunning.

# 22

“you’re legit a good human being” from a girl I went to school with about 13 years after we graduated.

# 23

In 5th grade a gym teacher assistant picked me and a few other kids to learn a dance for the assembly. i asked why and she said I was graceful when I dance. that lead to a lifetime of a least a willingness to dance, which in turn led to a whole lot of really fun stuff. so I’m grateful for her.

# 24

You’re the only person I know that I can tell this to. I feel safe with you.

# 25

When I was in high school I did forensics and I wrote my own poetry for it. I was really struggling with mental health at the time so I really channeled it into my work and performance and at the regionals competition I made a woman cry. She and her husband approached me in the hall after we all left the classroom and she started just saying that my poetry was beautiful and how I should have it published to which I was very flattered and thanked her graciously but then I could see her face was starting to turn red and there were tears forming in her eyes. She started turning her compliments into words of encouragement and saying how strong I was and such and by the time she was done she was crying. I am really empathetic so seeing this grown woman crying made me cry as well and so I asked if she wanted a hug and she said yes and pulled me into the tightest hug I have ever been in. Not in a painful way but it was just so secure like she did not want to let me go. I could feel just how much my words meant to her by that hug. I still tear up remembering how it felt because I have never felt someone put so much emotion into a hug before. Her husband did not cry but I could tell he felt the same way by his expression. What really gets me is how I will never know her name and will never see her again, yet I will still never forget what she did. I wrote my college essay on her and any hard times I faced after that I would always think about her. I am thankful we shared that moment.

# 26

Yesterday had a dude at the bar tell me i was one of the nicest dudes he has met, all for moving his drink away from the pool chalk station so nothing would get in it.

# 27

From a guy I was talking to at the time:

“Talking to you is like listening to really good music on really good speakers, with extra bass and surround sound.”

(And also from the same person)

“You’re a refreshing change in a disappointing world.”.

# 28

Yesterday I went swimming and as I got into the hot tub I noticed a mom and her little girl next to me, a couple minutes later as they were leaving the hot tub the mom says to me “ she said , mommy look at that beautiful girl!” I’ll never forget that. Sometimes Kids are so sweet.

# 29

“Even if we don’t end up together, your kids are lucky to have you as a mother to them”.

# 30

Two girls stopped me in high school “You did a good job in that play. Are you really mean in real life?” I played Marlon Brando in a high school play in A Street Car Named Desire.

# 31

A girl i used to date, who i think was the first girl I was truly in love with, told me “you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever known”. That stayed with me to this day.

# 32

Years ago I was dragged to this church function by my parents. A man came up to me and told me that he saw me from afar and said I was the spitting image of Coretta Scott King. He went on about how he actually knew her way back when and how beautiful she was, then went on reminiscing. I never believed him but that compliment definitely stuck with me.

# 33

Had an older couple who frequented a coffee shop I worked at many moons ago, both extremely sweet in nature.

One day the lady had come in on her own and told me how beautiful she thought my smile was and it was the most tender moment I had ever experienced with a stranger to this day.

Still have gripes with my little snaggle tooth but I always flash a big grin in pictures because of her.

# 34

“You’re too smart. It scares me.”.

# 35

My top two:

My grandma told me I’m her star. She passed away in 2019, I miss her so much. I got stars tattooed on me to remind me of her.

A customer at my old job told me, “You know, I don’t know you but you look and smell so clean.” Loved that.

# 36

Woman at the drive thru told me I look like Brendan Fraser in The Mummy. I don’t at all, but I think that’s the best compliment I’ve ever gotten.

# 37

I love your freckles!

# 38

My professional skateboarder friend said “you should do standup!” According to men, women aren’t funny so this was a great compliment.

# 39

You have a smile that could light up a whole city. and that was in freakting detroit of all places.

# 40

Was told i looked like a freshly picket bouquet and a breath of fresh air in the morning, and i legit almost cried.

# 41

I can’t imagine anyone mentally winning over you.

# 42

I was told I looked like a flower out of Alice in Wonderland, by the small town local eccentric genius.

# 43

“So nice that I have someone who willing to listen my stuff. Thanks God I got you” I love helping people with their trouble and find the solutions for them.

# 44

“You’re intellectually consistent.” .

# 45

When I was 18 I was a hostess at a restaurant, and a John Wayne impersonator came in, told me that I had a beautiful smile and gave me his autograph.

# 46

My friend said that I look like a corgi, because I’m red and short. It was the cutest thing someone ever said to me.

# 47

“Your skin is like yogurt.”.

# 48

Some dude told Me I looked exactly like Dave Mathews with my aviators on.



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