People Are Debating ‘No Kids’ Policies At Weddings, And Things Got Heated (22 Tweets)

Okay — right out of the gate: I am JudgeyMcJudgerson about no-kids-weddings. I think they’re selfish and myopic and I hate them.

And I’m not the only one at all. A recent tweet went viral on the subject and people had Opinions To Share.

@backpainandwine / Twitter

Here are some of the best replies.

1. That’s not how this works, Max

@tousjoursmax53 / Twitter

2. Right???

@kayelporter / Twitter

3. Sounds awful

@josephbloggs01 / Twitter

4. They can’t make it

@taliesinevitel / Twitter

5. Nobody wins, dude. This is not how parenting / babysitting works

@janicpfc / Twitter

6. Time & Place

@cancerdotje / Twitter


@jparkes1991 / Twitter

8. They’re frigging fine.

@agw1437 / Twitter

9. *eyeroll*

@michelledelngr / Twitter

10. Sellllfiiiishhhh

@bumblebree0319 / Twitter

11. That’s not the issue, dude

@gibby9790 / Twitter

12. I completely agree

13. You wouldn’t have anything to do with them?

14. Agreed

15. Regret

16. It’s SO expensive

17. People won’t be able to go

18. Life is short

19. I’m insulted with you

20. It’s FAMILY

21. What if you have kids?

@nottscounty1991 / Twitter

22. *cheers for this*