‘So You Tipped Me Poorly, And You Want Me To Help You Cheat On Your Wife?’ — Dude Hits On Server, Only Tips 10 Percent

Here’s a life tip: Don’t cheat. But if you ARE gonna be a dirtbag and hit on the waitstaff, at least tip them well.

One server, Kay (@kayy_jade), posted a TikTok recounting her experience with a sleazy customer who tried to pick her up, even though he had his arm around another woman all night. (Scroll to the end for the full video.)


Kay said that, initially, the table of three (two men and a woman) was fine. One of the dudes had his arm around the lady, so she figured they were a couple.

But when she dropped the checks, the guy had written a note on his receipt. It said he was “down to cheat from 7-3.” Then he added, “She’s a teacher.”


Kay was taken aback and then checked the tip.

Incredibly, he’d only tipped $10 off a bill that was more than $100. Which is less than 10 percent.


As Kay put it, “So you tipped me poorly, and you want me to help you cheat on your wife/girlfriend? No. Not gonna happen.”

Oh, and if you’re wondering, you should always tip between 15 and 20 percent. Probably more if you’re going to hit on your server.

Kay was pissed and decided that she was gonna tell the woman. She found the unsuspecting lady in a hallway and showed her the receipt.

The woman replied, “Well, I’m not dating any one of them. And I have to pee.”

This left Kay confused and wanting answers.

Commenters shared their own experiences of customers who wanted extra attention.


Others suggested digging deeper into who the cheater was.


And she did! In a follow-up video, Kay shared the results of some detective work she did after plugging the dude’s number into a bunch of apps.

She didn’t get anywhere, though, other than a possible first name.

Kay finished by reminding us to always tip. “Please tip your waitstaff, servers, waiters .. be kind and leave a decent tip. Or they might make a TikTok about you, too.”

Here’s the video and the follow-up.

h/t: Daily Dot

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