The First Headshots of Famous Celebrities (GALLERY)

Before they got big heads, all celebrities were required to take photos of their giant heads. You see what I did there. I know, that might be the best “big head” joke in the history of the interwebs.
jack black headshot
anna kendrick headshot
celeb headshots before famous
famous actor headshots
bill murray headshot
robert downey headshot
ben affleck headshot
celebrity headshot
celebrity headshots
emma stone headshot
john stamos headshot
christina applegate headshot
jim carrey headshot
kevin spacey headshot
alec baldwin headshot
marisa tomei headshot
 naomi watts
al pacino headshot
amanda seyfried headshot
angelina jolie headshot
celebrity headshots gallery
denzel washington headshot
famous celebrity headshots
famous headshots
 whitney houston head shot
george clooney headshot
jennifer aniston headshot
jack nicholson headshot
winona ryder headshots
will arnett headshot
  kerry washington headshot
jennifer lawrence headshot
celeb headshots

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