Cartoon Characters In Real Life (20 PHOTOS)

They are among us and they could cross back over to the cartoon dimension at any moment, so if you ever encounter one of them, make sure you grab their hand and blink really fast three times. 
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cartoon look alike pics
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24 Of The Greatest Design Fails From “Crappy Design”

Were they by accident or by design? That is the main question your brain will ask you repeatedly while consuming these design fails. While I think we can all agree the most advertising and packaging designs are pretty awful, these are designs so crappy they could be considered literal works

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KFC Chicken Shortage Leads To Fowl Internet Jokes

What the clucking cluck? That's what people all over the U.K. are saying after a KFC chicken shortage forced the Colonel to close most of his 900 locations across the U.K. and Ireland. The chicken giant wasted no time blaming #KFCCrisis on their new delivery service, DHL that failed to deliver chicken to most of their locations on time. “It’s an

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Twitter Has A Field Day With Fergie’s All-Star Game National Anthem

Unless you're Lieutenant Frank Drebin, Police Squad or Whitney Houston, you want to keep your rendition of the national anthem pretty straightforward. The former lead vocalist of The Black Eyed Peas decided to try her own sexy "Fergie-fried" anthem before the 2018 NBA All-Star Game Sunday at Staples Center and

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Plane Forced To Land After Passenger Wouldn’t Stop Farting

A Dutch airlines flight, flying from Dubai to Amsterdam was turned into Dutch oven after a passenger wouldn't stop farting, forcing an unexpected landing in Vienna. An elderly overweight man has been blamed for causing quite the stink, refusing to end his devastating fart attack, even after repeated requests to stop from the pilot and passengers of Transavia airlines flight. Two Dutchmen sitting next to the gasman became enraged at this poin

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