Bride Wants To Ditch Fiancé Paying For Her Harvard Degree For Another Man One Week Before Wedding

Getting married is a pretty big step for anyone and most of the time, we try to do it only once. So, when people get cold feet and think that they’re doing the wrong thing, they look to others to see if they’re making the right choices.

One bride-to-be who comes from the U.K. asked the Internet for advice after she realized she was unsure about marrying her boyfriend of four years.

The anonymous poster explained that the two had planned a lavish destination wedding, but she recently realized he may not be the one with whom she wants to spend her life.

However, there was one glaring issue—her fiancé has been paying for her Harvard University medical school degree.

On top of her cold feet, the bride-to-be admitted she’s “falling in love with another guy.”

Writing into Mumsnet, the woman said that neither her parents nor her fiancé know she’s falling for another guy, but she’s opened up about her cold feet. However, despite her second-thoughts, her mom still thinks she should marry him—at least until she finishes her degree so he can continue to pay for her education.

Talk about savage. The actual post from the bride-to-be reads:

My wedding is literally next week and I’ve managed to fall for another guy,’ she wrote. ‘I don’t know what to do. My parents are not letting me cancel. My worries to my fiancé are falling on deaf ears.

He said that we have done too much planning to cancel the wedding now. I don’t know if I should get married to my fiancé and forget about the other guy (easiest option) or cancel the wedding and cause massive repercussions. I don’t even know if dating the other guy will work out in the long run.

She added that she and her fiancé are 10 years apart and they have been doing the long distance thing for three years. However, the new man she met three months ago is changing her opinion on everything.

This other guy and I are more compatible. We are similar in age, he makes me laugh, we enjoy each other’s company a lot, and we have a big spark. Other people have mentioned that they can tell we have so much chemistry. We haven’t really made a move since I am engaged.

As it stands now, the bride-to-be says her heart is “not in the relationship.” However, she said she “insists” on paying her fiancé back all of the money he’s given her for her tuition—regardless of what her mother thinks.

People who wrote in to Mumsnet said that the best thing for her to do is leave her fiancé.

“Cancel of course! and for f**s sake go on an assertiveness course. Preferably with a side dish of modern feminist theory. You sound like a giddy teenager not a “grownup” woman of 32 – letting your mother and fiancé tell you what to do with your life. Your mother’s advice is ridiculously bad. Does she have ANY idea how much divorces cost both financially and emotionally? I bet not.” –GreigLaidlawsbarofsoap

“You cannot go through with an actual marriage just because of other people not wanting to cancel their flights and accommodation. That is madness. You are 32.” –DuckbilledSplatterPuff

“Stop ‘mentioning’ it and put your foot down and tell them you’re canceling! You don’t need anyone’s permission to cancel a wedding you don’t want.” purplelass

“I know someone who got married didn’t really want to but was too embarrassed to cancel it they split a month later and had a long drawn out bitter divorce.” -GabsAlot

However, the woman never wrote in to let users know what she decided to do. Hopefully, she gave this man to find a real chance at love and didn’t stay with him “just for the money.”

h/t: Metro UK, Mumsnet

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