‘Black People Twitter’ Is Easily The Best Thing On Reddit (25 PICTURES)

If you haven't been to the infamous subreddit "Black People Twitter," then you're missing out on some of the funniest things posted on Reddit every single day. From Beyonce to shady Walmart advertising, Black People Twitter tells it like it is. And yes, I'm way too white to write anything further. Hey, that kinda rhymed.
Check out the best of Black People Twitter below:
Queen Bey put her hands up and waved goodbye to the single life.

Doctor's don't have baseball gloves for hands.

I wish I was there for the first date.

Someone should tell him spiders can climb on walls.

Ive never seen a model on the side of a milk carton.

LaWanda needs to get woke.

Ramen isn't the most nutritious of childrens' meals.


I'm guessing user killbenedictcumberbatch isn't a big fan of Sherlock

I can relate... But I think "fly" is dead.

I turned my Amber alerts off. If I need to know what Amber is up to, I'll check her facebook.

Will Smith at a scientology meeting. Is that what they do? Do they have a service?

The pope is gonna love it.


Ben is done with your wasteful ass.

Black People Twitter is so big, Norton Antivirus Software is getting in on the action.

Well, this one is lost on me.

Either she's bad at math or a valuable opportunity has just presented itself.

Shaq's suggestive eyes were made for this moment.

Nothing sexier than a cold metal tit.

Kid had to wear white... They had to choose between headless torso or floating head.

Watch me crack those clippers like Uuuuu need to find a different barber.

Trailblazers are always misunderstood. This will be the style in 2050. I'm calling it.

That's how Kendrick hit it big. At least that's what I read on Google...

And your also high af.

Its hard not to see what Walmart is up to when they're right next to each other.

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