Best Man Posts Video Shaming Groom’s Parents For Not Coming To Wedding, Groom Asks ‘AITA’

This one is a doozy.

Redditor u/Savings-Pattern3614 asked the Reddit sub “AITA” if they were wrong ” for not taking down my video that was a gift from my best man,” but that’s really burying the lede. See, what happened was the OP kept up an incredibly passive-aggressive, shame-y video in reaction to a truly terrible case of child favoritism.


My vote is Everyone Sucks, but read on and let me know if you agree!

OP’s sister has always been pretty overtly favored, according to him. His parents would cancel on events and spend all their energy on the sister.

I have a sister that’s 6 years older than me.

My parents for years cancel on me last min because of my sister. I have a basketball game. Ops sorry sister doesn’t feel like going out. I am graduating ops sorry sister had a bad day at work. They have missed both major and smaller events in my life because of her melt downs.

For OP’s wedding, he wanted one thing: not to be shown up by his sister. His mom assured him they’d be fine!

I met the love of my life. We decided to tie the knot. From the beginning I told my parents how I am worried my sister will ruin another special moment in my life. My mom told me over and over again it would not happen.

Lo and behold, the day of the wedding, OP’s parents bailed because his sister’s dog was sick.

The day of my wedding. I received a voicemail from my mom saying they couldn’t come because my sisters dog was sick and she was upset.

His best man posted the video after the wedding. Its caption was written from the POV of OP and shamed the parents. He used his mom’s voicemail in the background, telling OP that they weren’t coming to his wedding.

I was hurt, my best man however is a jokester. He took my phone then went to my fiancé and asked if he could post a video of our wedding as a gift? On social media. She loved his idea.

I had no idea about it until I came home. Our honeymoon was at a lake side cabin. No cell service.

The post caption was ‘My best friend. He is an amazing person even if his parents NEVER showed up for him.’ video was still pictures of us next to her parents, me on the dance floor, cutting the cake. Where you would normally see both parents in wedding pictures. The sound behind the video was my moms voice mail explaining how they couldn’t come because my sisters dog was sick.

I came home a week later to hundreds of messages. Family members from both sides insisting I take it down. I was told my sister hasn’t stopped crying. My mom is refusing to leave the house.

His family was deeply upset and has asked OP to take the video down. He has refused.

I maybe the A here. I didn’t take it down when I got my messages. I didn’t call my family back right away. I waited until my vacation time was over at work and enjoyed my time with my Wife. In our new home. Before I contacted anyone.

My dad told me to take down the video. It was “just a bad night for them”. That they will make it up to me and my wife for not coming. My reply was exactly how do you plan to “make up” my wedding? It’s a once in a life time thing. You choose to ignore my feeling on the whole matter.

OP’s dad asked him to remove the video and said that he’d “make it up to OP”, which OP wasn’t really having. The fight escalated and now OP is wondering if he should’ve just removed the video.

Then he just repeated he will make it up to me. I told him I would take down the video only when he made up missing my wedding. Flustered we both hung up the phone before we both said things we shouldn’t have.

Am I the A here. I could have just taken down the video.

Personally? Yes. Yes, just remove the damn video.

But I also understand the hurt OP must be feeling.

Reddit firmly stands on the NTA side:

“NTA. The truth hurts sometime and your parents & sister just got whammied! Your friend is AWESOME. Please leave the video up!” wrote SnazzySusieQ.

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Another user wrote in, “They were finally called out on their blatant favoritism and they obviously didn’t take it well. I’d hold off inviting them anywhere or to anything, OP. At least for a while. Don’t make them your first priority when you clearly aren’t theirs. Focus on your new wife and your absolutely awesome best friend. They both sound like keepers!”

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