The Best ‘Leonardo DiCaprio Wins The Oscar’ Meme Reactions (GALLERY)

Leonardo DiCaprio finally became “Lucky Leo” last night as he captured his first Oscar for Best Actor. While it was a moment of great joy for Leo personally, it was a time of great sadness for the interwebs as it finally had to retire its vast catalog of “Leo can’t win an Oscar” memes.

The good news is Leo’s win has spawned a new generation of “Leo wins the Oscar memes” which have arguably made the internet a much happier place today. One can only wonder how this will effect the ‘climate’ of internet moving forward and by this time next year we might look back on Leo winning an Oscar as the primary reason the internet finally became the happy place well all thought it could be. Well… if we make it to next year, that is. Stupid climate change.

Nathan Davidson

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