28 Side Boob Tattoos That Are So Beautiful, You’ll Want To Get One Immediately

2 min

When it comes to getting tattoos, most women are conflicted with exactly where they want to place their art. While I’m a huge fan of tattoos that people can see – because, it’s my canvas and my art – there are some women who like the idea of having tattoos that are placed so they can be easily hidden or covered.

When it comes to placement for such things, there is no better place than the side boob. Let’s face it, boobs are amazing and, most women are proud of their girls. To spice them up a bit, ladies opt to get tatted right in the middle of their chest, in between their boobs – or, sometimes on the side. The side boob tattoo trend has been spreading like wildfire on social media and, some of them are so good, I’m about to call my tattoo artist and schedule an appointment.