Bear Who Broke Into Backyard To Swim In The Jacuzzi And Drink Margaritas Is Seriously Summer Goals

Every year, we wait and see what brilliant animal the Internet will bring us that will go down in history. From Harambe to Fiona the Hippo, we love us some hilarious and iconic animals.
Recently, a California resident captured some incredible footage of a bear who broke into his backyard and to say that he’s summer goals for 2018 would be an understatement. Mark Hough was enjoying a casual day in the sunshine with his wife when the unthinkable happened–a bear literally broke into their backyard to soak up the sun in their jacuzzi and sip on the margaritas Hough had prepared. I’m serious.

Hough told BuzzFeed that it all started when his wife came home from work that day.

“My wife came home from work and requested a margarita, so we made a couple margaritas and went out to the pool to relax in the sun. Then, I heard some crackling of branches coming from my neighbor’s side of the property.”

He then saw the bear making his way to their yard and panicked.

“I realized, ‘Oh my, there’s a bear coming into our yard!’ So, I yelled to my wife to grab the dogs because they’d been laying out in the sun, and we hightailed it down to our house.”

Next thing you know, Hough saw the bear mooching off of their jacuzzi and having a damn good time.




After taking a dip in the jacuzzi, the bear decided to mosey on over to the margarita Hough had abandoned when he panicked and rounded up his family. Hough said he “knocked the margarita right off the table and began to lap it all up.”



Hough said the bear must have been wasted off his strong margaritas because he decided that after drinking the entire beverage, it was time for a 2-hour nap in a tree. After a few hours, Hough said the bear was gone.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Joana Warren told the Associated Press that there were six different calls about bear sightings that weekend, however, they were unable to locate the bear at all.

Clearly, they just needed to open up their pool and mix a few drinks of him–the ultimate trap.


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